Color Fundus Images with Exudates

Color Fundus Images with Exudates

This dataset contains 35 colour Fundus retinal images obtained from eyes with signs of the diabetic retinopathy (microaneurysms and exudates). The datasets are in jpg format and are named “1” to “35”. The resolution of each image is 720*576 .
The data used in a study which presents a curvelet-based algorithm for detection of optic disk (OD) and exudates on low contrast images. This algorithm which is composed of three main stages does not require user initialization and is robust to the changes in the appearance of retinal fundus images. At first, bright candidate lesions in the image are extracted by employing DCUT and modification of curvelet coefficients of enhanced retinal image. For this purpose, the authors apply a new bright lesions enhancement on green plane of retinal image to obtain adequate illumination normalisation in the regions near the OD, and to increase brightness of lesions in dark areas such as fovea. Following this step, a new OD detection and boundary extraction method based on DCUT and level set method is introduced. Finally, bright lesions map (BLM) image is generated and to distinguish between exudates and OD (i.e. a false detection for the final exudates detection), the extracted candidate pixels in BLM that are not in OD regions (detected in previous step) are considered as actual bright lesions.

Please reference the following paper if you would like to use any part of this dataset or method:
M. Esmaeili, H. Rabbani, A. M. Dehnavi, A. Dehghani, “Automatic Detection of Exudates and Optic Disk in Retinal Images Using Curvelet Transform", IET Image Processing, vol. 6, no. 7, pp. 1005-1013, Oct. 2012.

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