Corneal OCT Data

Corneal OCT Data : This dataset contains 15 three dimensional corneal SD-OCT images obtained using Heidelberg HRA OCT scanner imaging system in Ophthalmology Dept., Noor Hospital, Tehran, Iran. Each dataset consisted of a limited number of OCT scans in 208*647 sizes instantly (namely, for a data with 19 selected OCT slices, the whole data size was 208*647 *19). The datasets are in mat format and are named “1” to “15”.
Please reference the following papers if you would like to use any part of this dataset or method.
Hossein Rabbani, Raheleh Kafieh, Mahdi Kazemian Jahromi, Sahar Jorjandi, Alireza Mehri-Dehnavi, Ali-Reza Peyman and Fedra Hajizadeh, “Obtaining thickness maps of corneal layers using the optimal algorithm for intracorneal layer segmentation”. Accepted in International Journal of Biomedical Imaging. 2016.
M Kazemian Jahromi, R Kafieh, H Rabbani, A Mehri Dehnavi, A Peyman, F Hajizadeh, M Ommani, "An Automatic Algorithm for Segmentation of the Boundaries of Corneal Layers in Optical Coherence Tomography Images using Gaussian Mixture Model," Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors, vol. 4, No.3, p. 181-193, 2013.

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