EDI-OCT data

EDI-OCT data: EDI-OCT-figure

This dataset contains 19 3D macular SD-OCT images (along with SLO images) obtained using Heidelberg HRA OCT scanner imaging system in Ophthalmology Dept., Noor Hospital, Tehran, Iran. Each dataset consisted of a SLO image and limited number of OCT scans with size of 496×512 (namely, for a data with 19 selected OCT slices, the whole data size was 496×512×19). ). The dataset is in vol format and are named “EDI_OCT1” to “EDI_OCT19”. A function called "read_vol_function" is also provided to read each data in matlab software.

If you used this dataset, please site the following papers
H Danesh, R Kafieh, H Rabbani, and F Hajizadeh, "Segmentation of Choroidal Boundary in Enhanced Depth Imaging OCTs Using a Multiresolution Texture Based Modeling in Graph Cuts," Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, vol. 20, p. 1-9, 2014.

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