Medical Image and Signal Processing (MISP) Research Center


Nowadays, a great amount of tasks in medical area can be accomplished by Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD). Deep knowledge of computer, biomedical engineering and electrical engineering is undeniable asset needed for such tasks. Most of developed countries are collecting their well educated scholars with above mentioned abilities in Research Centers and conduct interdisciplinary search with collaboration of famous grant-providing centers.

Islamic Republic of Iran blessed with knowledgeable academic resources, is currently growing fast in research. A great number of centers are already dedicated to research, commonly with the focus on a specific area. However, less consideration is already taken to interdiciplinary research centers in Iran. Medical image and Signal Processing Research Center (MISP) is organized in 2006 to fulfill this gap and provide close communication between engineers and medical community and to reach the following goals:

  • Advancement in mathematical theories and computational algorithms related to modeling and reconstruction of the signals & images
  • Development of image and signal modeling software
  • Building database of medical signals and images
  • Taking research grants from various local and foreign resources such as NIMAD, WHO and NIH
  • Providing the needed hardware and software for researchers
  • Encouraging companies and organizations to support the interdisciplinary researchs

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