Glomeruli Dataset

Glomeruli Dataset The analysis of vessels in the slides of a kidney is significant for the diagnosis of liver diseases. One of the most challenging tasks in tissue microscopy analysis is the detection and processing of glomeruli in the kidney. The key role of the kidneys is the filtration of liquids and excretion of waste […]

Normal OCT data from Heidelberg imaging device

Normal OCT data from Heidelberg imaging device This dataset contains 112 3D macular SD-OCT images (along with SLO images) obtained from eyes without pathologies from 76 people using Heidelberg HRA OCT scanner imaging system in Ophthalmology Dept., Noor Hospital, Tehran, Iran. Each dataset consisted of a SLO image and limited number of OCT scans with […]

Color Fundus Images with Exudates

figure_Color Fundus Images with Exudates

Color Fundus Images with Exudates This dataset contains 35 colour Fundus retinal images obtained from eyes with signs of the diabetic retinopathy (microaneurysms and exudates). The datasets are in jpg format and are named “1” to “35”. The resolution of each image is 720*576 . The data used in a study which presents a curvelet-based […]